Chamber string jazz and pop – celebrating the unique voice of the viola

The UnBande is a fresh collaboration whose unlikely instrumentation and unexpected stylistic forays make it undeniably unique in the alternative string music universe. Created in 2008 by Hollywood studio musician Danny Seidenberg (also known for his 12 years in the Turtle Island String quartet), it featured two violas and the incredible Chapman Stick...un-violins and the un-guitar. The goal was to celebrate the less familiar and special voice of the viola, and it can be heard on the 2009 release 'Alto Logic', featuring Danny, Novi Novog on viola and Larry Tuttle wielding the Stick.

Now Chicago-based, UnBande has evolved and expanded into a sophisticated chamber-jazz quartet, featuring two violas, cello, and guitar. Crazy classical crossover, rockin’ pop, swingin’ jazz, original compositions, and wild improvisation. But also a rich and sonorous concoction with a true chamber music voice.

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UnBande basically makes classical cool.
— Todd French, StringWorks President